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  1. Ausralia Day Bash 2014

    26 January 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Fever:

FIFA World Cup 2014 - All The Matches Live at The Highlander

The most anticipated football tournament that only happens once every 4 years - The FIFA World Cup, with the 20th edition in the year 2014 hosted in Brazil - will be certainly and fully televised on our screens! Click on the banner above to go to the schedule of the games!

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Highlander is a cosy little Scottish pub located in the very heart of Rome - open 365 days a year! If you want to taste some good beer or some of the best pub food in town, support your soccer or football team playing live, or just get a little wild....  This is the place for you!  To find out what's on our weekly schedule simply click on any of the links below!