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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

The NFL and the College Football live on our screens

Highlander Pub is your ultimate home of American Sports in Rome! The season in The NFL & The NCAA College Basketball and 
 NBA & NHL PLAYOFFS.  are fully featured! MLB is also available upon request! Click on the banner above to see the schedule of all the games that will be broadcasted live at our bar!

American Sports  Live Rugby   Champions League   

NBA Playoffs live at Highlander Pub RomeNow that The NCAA March Madness is over we will be all focused on the NBA and the NHL Playoffs! The NBA knock out stage begins on Saturday, April 16th. Below you can see all the games we will be showing at the Highlander  -generally, those are the games that are on before 2 am. If you would like to watch any of the other games you must make a reservation and arrive at the bar by 1am! 

Cleveland forced a game 7 after dominating the Warriors in front of their home crowd. Now they travel back to Oakland for the big rematch. Series are tied. Lebron and his team are still considered the underdogs but they already won once on the road, so nothing is really certain yet! Don't miss out on the the biggest basketball appointment of the year!


Sunday,  June 19th 2016

Starting at 2am *(Monday Morning)
NBA Finals - Game 7 
Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors *(Already Requested)

* upon request - the games that are marked "upon request" need to be requested at least a couple of hours before the start of those. We cannot guarantee their broadcasting on our screns if you arrive at The Highlander in the last minute before their start or even worse - when they have already started.

** already requested - the games that have been "already requested" might not be necessarily televised if the people who have requested them fail to arrive 30 min prior to the start of those games (or, for the late games 30 before the closing time). Generally those games coincide with many other venues and sometimes other guests end up requesting additional events in the last minute. Certainly we accomodate them in case the customers who have made the original requests do not show up. 

Remember, we have the best (and probably the cheapest) pub food in town! Pizza, pasta, salads, burgers and sandwiches like you've never tasted in Rome before! Beerpong, playing cards and chess boards are always available! Come and support your team in the best atmosphere that Rome offers! Bear in mind that there are games from NBA Playoffs  that we can show but are not listed above! This is simply because those games are out of the schedule of the Opening Hours of Highlander Pub. We can still arrange the emission of those games but you need to make further arrangements at one of the numbers below!

In any case, book your table to secure your comfort!
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for emergencies: +39 328 7653883