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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

Proud Sponsor of Rome's Ultimate Free Walks

We are a proud sponsor of Rome's Ultimate Free Walks -Our latest initiative that will get you acquainted with the "B Side" of town... The tour meets twice a day  in front of the Porta del Popolo (Flaminian Gate) next to Piazza del Popolo! Click  on the banner above for further info or go to

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  1. The Ultimate Tartan Night

    25 January 2018
    Tartan Dress Code! Haggis, whisky, short bread, bagpipes, music and Scottish dances! All that mixed up with some evergreen quotes and poetry from the great Robert Burns
  2. Australia Day 2018 in Rome

    26 January 2018
    Can you hear, can you hear the thunder? The 14th edition of our ultimate celebrations dedicated to our mates from the Land Down Under coming up on Friday, January 26th... When in Rome on Australia Day you better know where you are heading down!
  3. Super Bowl Bash 2018

    4 February 2018
    Are you AmeriCAN or American't? Join the ultimate Super Bowl bash at the Highlander if you happen to be in Rome!
  4. St. Valentine's Traffic Light Bash 2018

    14 February 2018
    We all know the rules! Wear one of the three stop light colours to fit in the theme, put the message up voicely... or maybe just for a bit of fun: RED - no go area ::: AMBER/ORANGE/YELLOW - undecided ::: GREEN - single & ready to mingle.