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Thanksgiving Feast in Rome 2015 - hosted by Highlander Pub

26 November 2015


Thursday, November 26th 2015 - the 6th edtion of our Thanksgiving Festivities!

The Highlander Pub is one of the very few places in Rome that will be hosting  a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner! 


THE DINNER  WILL BE SERVED BETWEEN 6:30 AND 8 PM. IT WILL BE AN ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET  DINNER with all the traditional food and appetizers:  roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, gravy, cranberry sauce... The price of the dinner is €30 per person and that  includes a drink of choice as well!  We will have 2 turkeys for the occasion as the tradition requires!

Certainly we will have the full coverage of The NFL  Thanksgiving Football Games  as well!

 Starting at 6:30pm

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Lions

Starting at 10:30pm

Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys

We can also show the Thanksgving College Football Games upon request:

Starting at 1:30am (Friday Morning)
NCAAF Week 13

Texas Tech vs. Texas

South Florida vs. UCF


Our traditional  Happy Hour/OPEN BAR  - all-you-can-drink - is from 10 to 11 pm - unlimited beer, wine and mixed drinks for 1 hour!

The Special Edition Thanksgiving
Karaoke Session starts after 11 pm or as soon as the Happy Hour is over!

Meanwhile we will be hosting our Thanksgiving
Beerpong Tournament. The winners claim our traditional beer pong champion t-shirts!

Those of you who would like to do some clubbing in The Eternal City will get that chance after midnight! the Ultimate Thanksgiving Bar Hopping starts at the Highlander and concludes at one of the most exclusive clubs in town! 

View the VIDEO highlights from our Thanksgiving last year for the insight of what to expect this time around:

And here is briefly what we are up to:

Please keep in mind that, we can host up to 40 guest for the Thanksgiving Dinner, so  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED! In order to reserve your table please send us an email at or secure your spots online: 


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