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Halloween Havoc 2017

31 October 2017

All  of you who will be in Rome on Halloween night
  make sure you don't miss our Halloween blast - we are the mere masters of throwing those celebrations with over a decade of experience! 

This 2017 Halloween edition will be quite special. A special coincidence indeed. Roma will be hosting Chelsea in their pursuit for a spot in the final 16 in the Champions League in February. So, obviously being rated as the best sports bar in town we will be broadcasting the match. This one and the one of Juventus v Sporting Lisbon and then Celtic v Bayern Munich similtaneously. So, these massive football games will only spice the Havoc up.  

Our Special Edition Halloween Happy Hour will be starting after the conclusion of the games so consider it from 11 pm to midnight! Wanna get involved in the ultimate festivities?  The OPEN BAR goes for 25 Euro which includes the admission to our Halloween Afterparty - an exclusive club downtown Rome where action will be kicking off till late. 

You all know that there is no entrance fee at The Highlander but if you plan to attend the Halloween Happy Hour we advise you to book ahead of time. You can do that by clicking on the booking button bellow

Book Now!

All of you who show up in a Halloween costume will be granted a shot of choice! If you plan to do the Open Bar please make sure you get to the Highlander at latest by 10:30 so you get signed up, receive your bracelet and vouchers for all the material benefits of the Happy Hour.

Grand prize (bottle of Prosecco) for the best male and best female costume (the jury who decides it is certainly the staff of the bar).

Time to show some skills and bring it to the next level!

Don't Miss out our Halloween Specials. The Halloween Drink menu is available from Friday, October 27th until Tuesday, October 31st: 

Don't Miss our Halloween Specials!



Vorrei prenotarmi per la festa di Halloween.. Siamo io ed un mio amico

Simone | Italia | 2016-10-05 20:39:35

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