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AFL & NRL Grand Finals 2017 live at the Highlander

1 October 2017

AFL Grand Final 2017 live at the HighlanderHere we are in the final countdown of the season in the AFL and the NRL. 

People have already been asking us whether we will be broadcasting the Grand Finals and we had to put some first hand info on our site to calm down the ultimate fans. 

We will be showing both of those events as we did in the last few years. 

The Grand Final of the Aussie Rules footy is scheduled to begin at 6:30 am Roman Time on Saturday, September 30th. There were some speculations about moving it in the evening hours in Australia so that it would get into more convenient time frame for the Aussie expats abroad (and especially for the ones in Europe). It did not happen to be the story. So,  even this year it kicks off at the traditional 2:30 pm in Australia, and hosted by the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. Hence, very early in the morning here in Europe. 

We have seen  this barely matters for the dedicated Australians who follow the AFL. Our bar got packed in the last couple of years when we decided to stay open for the event. We will be staying open all night from Friday Night until the completion of the game on Saturday morning. No reservations will be considered. We will work on the principle "first come, first served". Concerning the breakfast we advise you to look at our Food menu. You can definitely improvise breakfast from there. No coffee will served at the bar.  


This is it for now. Further info about the NRL final will be posted here soon ... stay tuned!



NRL Grand Final 2017 live at the Highlander


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