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Christmas Party Session 2017

25 December 2017

Christmas Party Session Schedule

It's never a White Christmas in Rome but one thing is sure at the Highlander - party is off the hook.  Plenty of sports over the Nativity period and that mixed up with our traditional celebrations guarantees the smasher. 

What's on?

Monday, December 25th - CHRISTMAS DAY CONCERT by Altro Brasile & Ewerton de Brito

Christmas Day Jam Session

The frisky Christmas Jam Session will be on from 9 pm - Samba, Forrò, Bossa Nova, Soul, Folk, Jazz Brasiliano! The big hits of TIM MAIA, RAUL SEIXAS, OS MUTANTES, JORGE BEN, MARKU RIBAS, TRIO MOCOTÓ, NOVOS BAIANOS, WILSON SIMONAL,****LUIZ GONZAGA, ZÉ RAMALHO, ALCEU VALENÇA, GILBERTO GIL, ZÉ GERALDo , GERALDO AZEVEDO, DOMINGUINHOS,***MILTON NASCIMENTO, TOQUINHO, VINICIUS de MORAIS, JOÃO BOSCO, SEU JORGE,...................also some rock and reggae pieces, Bob Marley, Pearl Jam Jethro Tull, ecc.... Better not miss out! The admission is FREE


Our beer pong tables are availabe every night. Also, our special Christmas Drink Menu. Christmas presents and our New 2018 Calendars will be given out through this period!

Happy Holiday to ho ho all!

Christmas Smashing Offers


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