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Super Bowl Bash 2019 in Rome

3 February 2019

Super Bowl Bash 2019 in Rome

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The NFL playoffs are on through the  January. The road to the Super Bowl 2019 will be as bumpy as ever... We will be showing every single game through this glorious march... Who will be the new Champion? Who will raise the trophey in Atlanta on February 3rd? Best place in Rome to find this out is without any doubt the Highlander.

Here is how we will be proceeding with the bookings. We allocate 20 spots with guaranteed seats available to be booked online here. It's 20 Euro to reserve a seat upfront which includes two drinks of choice. Bookings are considered until 10pm - those who pay for a seat but fail to arrive by 10pm might lose their spots but they will still be able to get the two drinks per paid voucher. 

Our bar has about 60 seats in total and apart from the 20 seats we allocate for upfront bookings we will be working on the principle "first come, first served"

We expect to be busy from the late afternoon with the big match in the Premier League between Manchester City and Arsenal and then later the massive clash from Serie A between Roma and AC Milan. 

As soon as the football (aka soccer) games finish we will launch our traditional Beer Pong Tournament - the special Super Bowl edition. Here is how we organize the tournament:

We take up to 16 teams - 2 players per team. Free to paticipate (you only provide your own beer) BUT BOOKINGS FOR THE TOURNAMENT ARE STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Six cups per round. So, it's two brackets with 8 teams on each side - direct elimination, round of 16, quarter finals, semi finals and a grand final - WINNERS CLAIM OUR SPECIAL EDITION BEER PONG CHAMPION T-SHIRTS. House rules will be announced once the tournament starts. 

We expect to conclude the tournament around the time when the Super Bowl game is scheduled to begin. Our TVs will be tuned on the commentary of the game. 


Meanwhile have a look at our epic party from last year and how the Eagles flew to raise the Bowl:


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