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The Ultimate Tartan Night - Reloaded

25 January 2019

We have been hosting this very special night at the Highlander every year and we won't be disappointning you this time arround either. 

The 2019 edition of our Robert Burns night will be spiced up with a little dress code though: ALL OF YOU WHO PLAN TO JOIN THE FESTIVITIES AT OUR BAR, PLEASE TRY TO PUT YOUR TARTAN OUTFITS ON! YOU ALL HAVE THEM, SO IT'S AN EASY TASK! Let's do it as Scottish as possible and fit in the pics and video... 

Friday January 25th, 2019  

Scottish Style Buffet will be served from our opening hours until we run out of food. So, yes those tasty bruschettas with Haggis, haggis and short bread and a bit of local food recipes will decorate our menu at the bar. 

The traditional live Scottish concert starts at 8pm. It will be most likely completed by 10 pm. The live music will be alternated with some poetry reading labelled by Rabbie Burns.


More Scottish tunes will follow until the closing hour of the bar. 

Scotch & Tennent's will be on sale

When in Rome on Robert Burns night just make sure you get to the Highlander to taste a bit of the ultimate celebrations!


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