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St Patrick's Pub Marathon 2019

17 March 2019

St. Paddy's Pub Marathon 2019 with a kick start from the Highlander

The Highlander will be in the middle of the action through the festivities on St. Patrick's Day 2019. Giving you heads up. On Sunday, March 17th we will bringing to the next level... One of you will get that trip to Dublin as we have been doing our lottary in the last 10 year... Yes, we talk about the pub marathon. 

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Twelve bars in twelve hours! That's what's up. Departure on every hour starting at midday (first departue will be around 1pm) until 5pm. It's a hop on(until 5pm)/hop off (you can step off whenever you want) thing. To earn the chance to de be drawn for the Grand Prize - A WEEKEND TRIP FOR TWO TO DUBLIN (transportation and accomodation included) - you need to present six vouchers (proof that you have had 6 pints/drinks all together with at least 2 at the Highlander) at the Highlander until 11pm. Two of the vouchers will be automatically given to you once you sign up for the challenge. The lottery will take place at the Highlander shortly after 11pm

The fee to do the challenge 25 Euro including two pints/drinks of choice at the Highlander and our special edtion St. Patrick's Day souvenir t-shirt. This of course comes with the service of our ultimate crew - guides, bar tenders, photographers and video makers. 

Ready for the most epic party + drinking day of the year?

Time to show some skills! Bear in mind that spaces with t-shirts are limited, bookings are strongly recommended!


St. Paddy's Pub Marathon 2019 hosted by the Highlander


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