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Can you hear, can you hear the thunder? The 15th edition of our ultimate celebrations dedicated to our mates from the Land Down Under coming up on Saturday, January 26th. When in Rome on Australia Day you better know where you are heading down!


  1. Thanksgivingsummary

    Thanksgiving Feast 2013 - hosted by Highlander Pub Rome

    28 November 2013
    Turkey, NFL, beer pong and karaoke... What else do you want?
  2. July_04vinni_776

    IndepenDANCE Day at the Highlander

    4 July 2013
    A little dedications to all the AmerCANs and not only who joined our bash!
  3. Harlemshake

    Harlem Shake Bash

    18 April 2013
    This is how we do it!
  4. Stpaddys2013

    St. Patrick's Day Celebrations at The Highlander

    17 March 2013
    The Irish Way!
  5. Borussia2013

    A Night of Mayhem at The Highlander

    20 February 2013
    Big props to the fans from Borussia Mönchengladbach!
  6. Stvalentine2013bis

    St. Valentine's Traffic Light Party 2013

    14 February 2013
    From The Loverboy with love...
  7. Carnivalinrome2013

    Carnival Fever in Rome 2013

    12 February 2013
    Celebrating in style!
  8. Superbowl2013

    Super Bowl Bash 2013 at Highlander Pub Rome

    3 February 2013
    Who let the dogs out?
  9. Australiadayinrome2013

    Australia Day in Rome 2013

    26 January 2013
    Can you hear, can hear the thunder?!