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    31 October 2015

Your Ultimate Night Out in Rome

Your Ultimate Night Out in The Eternal City - powered and hosted by the Highlander Pub

Deep Summer Clubbing starting with a bang from the Highlander

Summertime Madness or just Sunday Funday Night out in the Eternal City... That's what's up. How can you beat the heat in Rome, go further and bring it up to the next level? 

We got an easy answer for you here. Make your way to the Highlnader and get involved in the ultimate party action. Now that the sports are missing there is not much else to do but party and have fun. Tons of fun. 

Our NIGHTLY HAPPY HOUR/OPEN BAR is from 10 to 11 pm and those of you who choose to take advantage will be getting wristbands to access the most happening and maybe the only outdoor club on a Sunday Night in town. 

The Open Bar with the admission to the club is only 25 Euro. The fee includes our humble pizza buffet too.

Book Your Open Bar!

Not a big drinker but planning on some ultimate clubbing? The deal is only 15 Euro with a drink of choice at the Highlnader and you get the precious bracelet. Just make sure you get to the bar not later than midnight. 

For all the clubbers in the house PLEASE, DRESS TO IMPRESS! No open shoes and possibly no shorts for guys. Ladies just dress smart.

"What's the music in the club?" you will ask... Strictly Hip Hop is the answer. So, if you don't like RnB and Hip Hop vibes the club won't be your scene... 

You will still love it at the Highlander though. No fees to get into the bar if you are not planning on the clubbing part. Our weekly BEER PONG TOURNAMENT IS ON SUNDAYS. If you are a player and if you are confident you might as well get involved in the beer pong action that starts around the Happy Hour or even earlier. Here is what we do:

We take 8 teams of 2 players. So, 16 people total. We draw a bracket of 4 quarter finals on a direct elimination principle. Hence 2 semi finals and final follow. 

Two ways to participate. 

OPTION ONE: FREE TO PARTICIPATE, you just need to provide your own beer. Winners get our special edtion Beer Pong Champion T-shirts.

OPTION TWO: 25 Euro fee per player to get in. We provide the beer for the tournament. Winners get 200 Euro money prize plus the Beer Pong Champion T-shirts

If you want to book your spot for the tournament just drop us an email at or get in touch with us via our Facebook Page 

We roll on with some other drinking games and some... body shots... Best tunes are through the whole night and you can request your favourite songs until closing time. That's it. Get involved in the action if you happen to be in town. 

Sunday Funday Beer Pong at the Highlander