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    31 October 2015

Your Ultimate Night Out in Rome

Your Ultimate Night Out in The Eternal City - powered and hosted by the Highlander Pub

The Hang Over 2012 Cure at Highlander

The Day After... the New Year's Eve festivities... we will be open!

Until recently they thought the word HANGOVER did not exist in the Italian vocabulary! They were wrong! Italian originates from Latin. The Ancient Romans had that word and it was a very natural consequence to  grab it and back and revitalize it... A necessary word called POSTUMI!

We have a whole recipe and a bunch of other treatments to heal you from that tricky physical state!

All of you who joined us for our New Year's Eve Party at Highlander would be getting this little extra - a voucher for FREE BLOODY MARY COCKTAIL at the Highlander during our Happy Hour of beer & wine from 9 pm until 10 pm!

Otherwise, any Bloody Mary you order will be at 5 Euro. You can't beat that deal for sure. Plus the fact that EVERY HOUR at The Highlander is a.... HAPPY HOUR!!!

This is our smasher for the first day of the year... But don't forget that we are still hosting our Sunday Funday Beer Pong Tournament and on our screens there will be the best from the NFL's last week of the regular season!The Hang Over 2012 Cure at Highlander

Earlier you can enjoy the clashes from the Premier League but just know that we are open from midday on and super ready to cure your HANGOVER from The Roman New Year's Eve madness!

HAPPY NEW 2012! Leap year is the good year!

Hot dogs, burgers and best pub food in town is what you will be getting at some killer prices and deal! Finally:

Every Hour at Highlander is a..... HAPPY HOUR!

Don't miss out!