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    31 October 2015

Your Ultimate Night Out in Rome

Your Ultimate Night Out in The Eternal City - powered and hosted by the Highlander Pub

Euro 2016 - all the matches live at The Highlander

Sunday is the most prolific day of the week for our pub! Generally speaking this is the chosen day for all the big games in football (or soccer as the Americans call it), American Football, and all the grand finals in tennis, golf or any other sports can you think of! Click on our Live Sports section to see the schedule of all the March Madness matches that are up and coming at Highlander Pub!

Otherwise talking about football, any major game from the Premiership, La Liga, Serie A, the Bundesliga or UEFA Champions League is usually on one of our screens. All you need to do is just call us and make sure you reserve to watch your favourite team or you can always check the sports schedule of the games we show live by clicking here. We update it on a weekly basis but if you happen to not find your team playing just call us to doublecheck! Sunday is also the day of rest for most of us...

And here comes the Highlander Pub. Probably the best place you can find in Rome for a pint of excellent beer, accompanied by the proper music - all the evergreen hits from radio 181.

So, if you feel like watching some of the best in the world football with great drinks deals and a tasty food menu then Highlander Pub is the place for you! (Don't hesitate to contact us for any other matches you can't see available as we can probably show them upon request!)

 Don't forget  we have some tasty  and cheap pub food you can never find in the Eternal Every Hour at Highlander is a ... Happy Hour!City!

The atmosphere at the pub is quite relaxing but it will get heated up after 9 pm! We are starting our Happy Hour then - all the Carlsberg Beer and Wine you can drink from 9 until 10 pm only for 15 euro!

The Culmination of our Sunday Venue is the beer pong tournament starting around 10:30 pm. We take up to 8 teams (16 people total) , following the Highlander Rules. The grand prize for the winners is a special edition Uncle Sam Beer Pong Champion T-shirt. It's free to participate - you only need to provide your own beer!

Bookings for the tournament are crucial! To make a reservation you can email us at

American Sports Live at Highlander

Beer Pong Tournament