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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

Where you'll never drink alone!You will probably get sick of all the historical stuff that you see around Rome. Anything you see in the centre has a long and deep story behind it... So does The Highlander Pub. The rumours say that the space the pub occupies now was once used by Caravaggio to store his masterpieces and equipment. One of the many similar places in the area of course. Caravaggio was a busy guy and he worked for the richest people of Rome such as the Borghese Family and there is no wonder why he had his studios there. Indeed Palazzo Borghese is only 50 meters from the pub. No idea if you will find this so important but....

...The Highlander Pub in Rome exists since 2001. It was an idea of two passionate Italian brothers who were in charge of the place until 2006. It is completely independent and it has nothing to do with any other Highlander Pubs around Europe (apparently Highlander is quite a common name for a pub and bars named like this could be found in Paris, Switzerland, Germany and other cities in Italy) . After a downhill period of about 3 years when the pub was under a different management our  company took over the place at the beginning of 2010. We stick to the original image of the bar and we have  established its reputation of the only place in Rome where you can watch 5 different sports events at the same time!

We feature all the important games from The Champions League,Champions League Live at Highlander NFL, NBA, NHL, The American Sports Live at HighlanderPremiership, La Liga, The Bundesliga,  and of course Serie A. Highlander is one of the few bars in Rome that shows the major rugby venues around the world such as the The Rugby World Cup, The 6 Nations Cup and upon request the matches from The European Heineken Cup or the local Championships that have been televised. To see the updated Highlander TV schedule  you can click on our LIVE SPORTS page.   You can  follow almost every single game of your favourite team on one of our HD screens! And if you are a fan of Roger Federer or Tiger Woods you can come over and see them destroying their opponents in the best atmophere you can find in The Eternal City. In other words we can stream pretty much every single sports event that is on your mind! Just call us to double check if it will be on!

The sports section of the Highlander is  extremely highlighted but that is not the only activity of the pub. We have been building some good reputation with our theme parties that we host on a regular basis.Toga Party at Highlander You can check the updates on our events schedule but usually we have at least a couple of major monthly appointments!

We have organized a few traffic light venues, toga parties, pimps n hoes... Looking at the annual calendar we will never skip massive dates like St. Patrick's, Halloween or Mardi Gras.

Party Animals is what they know us for and theme parties are our specialty!

Here are some priceless pics from some of the parties we have hosted in the past year!

Mardi Gras at Highlander

 Apart from the quality selection of beers our bar offers you some of the best pub food menus in Rome!

Check our photos to see how we party!






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