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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

The NFL and the College Football live on our screens

Highlander Pub is your ultimate home of American Sports in Rome! The season in The NFL & The NCAA College Basketball and 
 NBA & NHL PLAYOFFS.  are fully featured! MLB is also available upon request! Click on the banner above to see the schedule of all the games that will be broadcasted live at our bar!

American Sports  Live Tennis  Live Rugby  Live Golf 

Highlander Pub is one of the few pubs in Rome that is fully dedicated to sports!                                                 

Your Ultimate Night Out

We show any imaginable sports event that is on your mind but we definitely put an accent on football! The English Premier League is fully featured together with the most important games from The Italian Serie A, The Spanish Primera Division, The German Bundesliga as well as the matches from The Champions League and The Europa American Football (NFL and College Football), hockey (NHL),  Formula 1  andAFL (upon request) are also part of our sports schedule! We have 4 rooms entirely equipped with HD screens and you can come and support your favourite team with the commentary in the original language! League. The fans of soccer can even enjoy the games from other European and South American Championships but those usually come upon request! Rugby, basketball (NCAA College and NBA as well as Euroleague), tennis (The Grand Slam Tournaments), golf ( The Masters and Ryder's Cup).

Below is the schedule of all the football appointments for the next few days!
For the rugby schedule or all the events related to the American Sports you can click on the respective voices of the submenu above!

For any match or game that you don't see listed below or in the other voices of the submenu you can email or call us.



Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Starting at 13:00
Moto GP Holland
Assen Grand Prix

Starting at 15:00

Formula 1 Grand Prix
Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Starting at 17:00
FIFA Confederations Cup 2017

Germany vs Cameroon

Starting at 17:00
FIFA Confederations Cup 2017

Chile vs Australia





Saturday, July 1st, 2017

upon request - the games that are marked "upon request" need to be requested at least a couple of hours before the start of those. We cannot guarantee their broadcasting on our screens if you arrive at The Highlander in the last minute before their start or even worse - when they have already started.



Starting at 20:45
Friendly International
Italy vs Uruguay

Starting at 21:30
Friendly International
Spain vs Colombia