Starting from 10pm

One of the most popular festivities of the year summed up in our annual Fat Tuesday celebrations, bringing New Orleans and Rio together in Rome. On Tuesday, 13th February 2024 - we will be 100% committed to the traditions with BEATS and TUNES from the tropical heat and then the BEADS & the BOOZE of course!

Masks and Costumes are highly appreciated. Those of you who dare the challenge will be getting A FREE WELCOME SHOT OF CHOICE for the effort. It's the final day of the Carnival, so we all need to bring it to the next level! The Highlander is the base of Rome's Ultimate Party as some of you probably know already. So, we will be hosting the Happy Hour/Open Bar for the aka Spanish Steps Bar crawl... The ULTIMATE party kicks off at 10pm. POWER HOUR with unlimited mixed drinks, beer & wine from 10 to 11pm. Only 30 euro to join, LADIES get a 5 euro discount. FREE FACE PAINTING for those who come unprepared or just want to spice the theme up a bit.

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