Do you want to test you brain power in general knowledge or use up that useless information of celebrity gossip? Is the answer yes?

Well come down and join us for our trivia night, we promise you laughter while you sip a couple of pints and more importantly a reason to be out in good company while winning amazing prizes. Well, at least that's what we hope, our special edition trivia night t-shirt will be our ultimate prize for the selected few who will blow the competition out of the water or should I say beer ;)

Fun starts at 10 P.M. on the 7th December at our home base.

This weeks topics

Round One  General Knowledge

Round Two Food and Drink

Round Three Sports

Round Four Film  and TV

Round 5 History

Round 6 Music

For your information..

1) Challenging teams should be comprised of 1 to 4 team members. It's 5 euro's per person to enter.

2) By the starting time at 9pm all teams are to be present

3) The game will unravel in 6 rounds of different themes of question

4) No phone, internet or calling a friend is permitted.

5) There will be a ranking after every single round

6) Every correct answer awards the team 1 point

7) After 6 rounds the team with the highest ranking claims the ultimate prize

Easy peasy!