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Proud Sponsor of Rome's Ultimate Free Walks

We are a proud sponsor of Rome's Ultimate Free Walks -Our latest initiative that will get you acquainted with the "B Side" of town... The tour meets twice a day  in front of the Porta del Popolo (Flaminian Gate) next to Piazza del Popolo! Click  on the banner above for further info or go to

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Ferragosto Toga Party 2017

15 August 2017

Tuesday, August 15th 2017 - FERRAGOSTO TOGA PARTY - Our annual bash in ancient Roman fashion!

It's that day of the year. Midway through August - it is the 14th edition of the ultimate toga celabrations. The Highlander will be hosting the warm up session for all of you who would like to experience this unique toga adventure. 

 OPTION ONE: Package with the open bar at the Highlander from 10 to 11 pm is 25 Euro - including the togas and the admission to the club! SAVE 5 EURO IF YOU SHOW UP IN YOUR OWN TOGA!

You can purchase your tickets from the Highlander, our office on Via dei Serpenti 89 or online by clicking on the book now button!

OPTION TWO: Package with a drink of choice and all the rest of the material benefits is only 15 Euro per person - no need to do an upfront payment for this one, you can pay directly on the spot upon sign up! Again, SAVE 5 EURO IF YOU SHOW UP IN YOUR OWN TOGA!

Bet you've heard it many times before but seriously WHEN IN ROME...Don't miss out on the action if you happen to be in town this upcoming Tuesday!

TOGA PARTY - Book Now!

When in Rome do as the Romans


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