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St. Patrick's Pub Marathon 2018

16 March 2018

St. Paddy's Pub Marathon 2018

The highlight of the party calendar in March is by far the weekend of St. Patrick's Day. This year March 17th happens to be on Saturday - the final round of the Six Nations rugby tournament. Scotland will be in Rome to play Italy. The Highlander is one of the most famous rugby destinations in the Eternal City which simply means that the bar will be packed with rugby fans right after the match at Olimpico... 

What would be St. Paddy's in Rome without the pub marathon?! We have been in the middle of the action for the past 10 years and we don't want to skip this one either. To guarantee the easy flow of the exercise we will be hosting it on FRIDAY, MARCH 16th.

The appointment is at the Highlander starting at midday.

12 bars on the road - 12 bars in 12 hours. 

25 Euro to attend - the fee includes 2 pints/drinks at the Highlander and the special edition St. Patrick's Day t-shirt. 

6 Pints/Drinks are needed to claim a trip to Dublin - at least 2 pints need to be consumed at the Highlander (we will hold a lottery at the Highlander at midnight where we will draw the winner - a weekend trip to Dublin for two - it will be any other European destination if the winner happens to be from Ireland, what indeed was the case last year)

The special edition rugby and St. Paddy's Day t-shirts will be available to all of you who "score" 4 of our pints/drinks 

We have secured some ultimate clubbing for those of you who will be in shape after midnight. 

Time to show some skills now. Hurry up and book your spots for one the biggest parties of  the year!

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St. Paddy's Pub Marathon 2018

The highlights from the pub marathon last year:



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