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Can you hear, can you hear the thunder? The 15th edition of our ultimate celebrations dedicated to our mates from the Land Down Under coming up on Saturday, January 26th. When in Rome on Australia Day you better know where you are heading down!


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Christmas Party Session 2011 at Highlander - Chapter Two

25 December 2011

Here is the long anticipated and really banging Chapter Two from our Christmas Party Session 2011 at Highlander! A little mix with moments from both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day venues... Again, this was merely the Merriest Christmas we have ever hosted. The karaoke was a fair teaser and it even went out of control at some point but that was only a part of the plan... Special THANKS to the The Shire who intervened exclusively and "celticly" on stage the next day! Remember, if you are in town for Christmas next year, to join our bash - it will be the most homey way to spend Christmas away from home!!! Cheers!


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