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Can you hear, can you hear the thunder? The 15th edition of our ultimate celebrations dedicated to our mates from the Land Down Under coming up on Saturday, January 26th. When in Rome on Australia Day you better know where you are heading down!


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Thanksgiving Feast 2013 - hosted by Highlander Pub Rome

28 November 2013

The 4th edition of our Thanksgiving Festivities went as fabulous as ever... The experience we had from the previous Thanksgiving parties was obviously helpful. This time we need 2 turkeys to please our "hungry" guests and hopefully they were all happy as there were no left overs from the food... The karaoke was banging - got some proper talent there. The beer pong tournament was not completed for some reason but who cares... No other Thanksgiving activity was held anywhere else in Rome that night - at least that's what they told us! Thanks to everyone who joined our bash and enjoy the viewing!

For those who cannot view this vid on their mobiles just click on the link below:


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