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NBA Playoffs Live at Highlander Pub Rome

The NBA Playoffs are starting on April 16th! Highlander Pub  shows pretty much every single game (most of them upon request because of time difference). Click on the banner above to get the full schedule of all the clashes!


  1. Christmas2010summary

    Christmas Party Session 2010

    25 December 2010
    Our traditional Christmas Bash in Rome!
  2. Standrews2010summary

    St. Andrew's Night 2010 hosted by Highlander Pub Rome

    30 November 2010
    When in Rome do it as the Scottish do!
  3. Thanksgiving2010summary

    Thanksgiving Bash 2010 at Highlander Pub Rome

    25 November 2010
    R u AmeriCAN or American't?
  4. Halloween2010summary

    Halloween Havoc 2010 hosted by Highlander Pub & Rome's Ultimate Party

    31 October 2010
    The best night ever!
  5. Halloweenpromo2010summary

    Halloween Havoc 2010 at Highlander Pub

    31 October 2010
    Come to Highlander and celebrate the Halloween Festivities in a proper way!
  6. Oktoberfestsummary

    Oktoberfest in Rome - 2010, hosted by Highlander Pub

    3 October 2010
    When in Rome do as the Bavarians do!
  7. Scottishweekendsummary

    The Ultimate Scottish Weekend at Highlander Pub

    27 February 2010
    The massive Scottish invasion for the Rugby 6 nations cup 2010!
  8. Superbowl2010summary

    Super Bowl Bash 2010 at Highlander

    7 February 2010
    Are you AmeriCAN or American't?