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  1. Rugby World Cup Final 2015

    31 October 2015

Can you stay open and broadcast events that are past your regular working hours?

We surely can. As long as you request the partucular venue at least 12 hours before it kicks off! Our requirement to the guests who would like to watch an event that goes on or starts after 2 am is to make an appearance at the bar before our general closing time ( before 2 am)! 

What sports do you show?

We can broadcast any imaginable sports event that is on your mind! We have 5 different satellite sources and subscriptions with a pretty vast coverage of sports channels! Just in case your particular event you are enquiring doesn't happen to be televised we can definitely stream it! Our streaming quality and respective vision is quite decent considering the good internet connection we enjoy!

Do you have Wi Fi?

Yes, we have wi fi available for the guests of The Highlander

Do you serve food?

Our food menu is a tipical pub food menu starting with appetizers going through salads, panini, burgers, bruschettas, pizza, pasta, nachos, potato wedges and hot dogs. Kitchen is open till late!

Do you have student discounts?

We have a student menu and it firmly relates to everyone who comes with a valid student ID.

Can underaged attend your establishment?

Kids and underaged are allowed in our bar as long as they are accompanied by their adult relatives!

Do you accept  credit cards?

Yes, we do. We accept VISA & Mastercard.