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Sunday Funday Beer Pong Tournament Beer Pong Tournament

Indeed, we organize beer pong tournaments pretty much every night! Highlander Pub is the only pub in Rome with professional beer pong tables! The access to those tables is absolutely free and beer pong is available pretty much every day during our opening hours excluding the times when there is a very important event in terms of sport or live music.. The tournaments we host on a daily basis are quite brief, we call them mini tournaments, and usually we take up to 8 teams of 2 players each. There are 3 cups on each side and the prize for the final winners is a special edition beer pong champion t-shirt with UNCLE SAM design on the front! The participants in the tournaments need to provide there own beer!

The tournaments on Sundays are with 6 or 10 cups as they usually play them in other places in the United States.  Well, the Americans invented this game and we need to admit that it is one of the funniest and best ways to spend your time in a pub! Generally we launch the start of the tournament around 10 pm!!!

COMING UP VERY SOON::::: CHESS TOURNAMENT! We will organize those on a weekly basis and they will be taking place in the early afternoon! Stay tuned on futher info - the first tournament will be announced this autumn! In any case Highlander Pub welcomes any true fan of the chess game!